Dear guests,

Welcome to our restaurant.

Whether you are here  for just  a snack or a meal with friends, family or business aquaintances, we are always happy to see you.

We hope you enjoy a pleasant visit, relaxing from your daily routine.

Treat yourselves to a really good meal, a glass of wine or a cool beer.

The food in this restaurant is always prepared freshly, so please be patient if there is a short waiting time.

We assure you that your requirements, even the special ones, will be seen to as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions, my team and I are happy to answer.

Enjoy your meal,

Milla Lohscheller and team.


Scrambled eggs with tomato  concassé with herbs and rocket cheese – 6,50 €

Pancake with Nutella or homemade jam Fruit salad with yoghurt and honey – 7,50 €

Various cold meats with two fried eggs – 7,50 €

Meats and Cheese
Scrambled eggs with tomato concassé and herbs, Cold meats and cheese platter – 8,50 €

Orange juice, scrambled eggs, cheese , rocket cream cheese, grapes and fruit salad – 9,50 €

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and honey-dill sauce – 10,50 €

For two
Two glasses of Prosecco,  two boiled eggs, cold meats and cheese, fruit salad and yoghurt with honey and nuts – p.P.  13,50 €


With each breakfast we serve 2 rolls with butter and 2 cup of coffee or 2 tea

Potato soup with Ciabatta – 5,50 €

Tomato soup with cream and Pesto – 5,50 €

Hungarian  gulasch soup – 5,50 €

French onion soup with grilled cheese and baguette – 5,50 €

Westphalien Wedding soup – 5,50 €

If you wish, we can serve smaller portions for which we charge 2 € less. For changes of orders we charge 1 €

Grilled Camembert
with cranberry filled pear served with toast and butter – 8,50 €

Mediterranean Platter
Olives, homemade antipasti, marinated feta cheese, sour cream dip and bread – 8,50 €                                                      

Smoked salmon
with creamed horseradish, potato fritters  and side salad – 10,50 €                                                                    

Scampi in garlic butter
with roasted vegetable and  ciabatta – 12,50 €

Cheese noodles
with glazed onions and salad – 10,50 €

Mediterranean grilled vegetables
with pasta and parmesan – 10,50 €

Vegetables in puff pastry shell
with toasted nuts and herb cream – 11,50 €

Vegetarian salad
with grilled goats cheese and herb dressing  – 12,50 €

Our popular fitness salad
with fresh fruit, breast of chicken strips and strawberry-pepper dressing – 12,50 €

with mango slices, crispy chicken strips and strawberry-pepper dressing – 12,50 €

with beef filet strips and mushrooms served with yoghurt dressing – 14,50€

with grilled  filet of fish or scampi with herb dressing – 14,50€

All salads are served with fresh ciabatta and if you wish, with homemade herb butter. We use balsamic cream to decorate the plates

with mushroom, pepper or paprika sauce mixed  salad and  french fries – 13,50 €

Münsterland crispy schnitzel
topped with fried egg and onions with salad and fried potatoes – 14,50 €

Original   Vienna veal schnitzel
with capers  and lemon, salad and fried potatoes – 19,50 €

Chicken schnitzel  “Melba“
with peach and hollandaise sauce served with cranberries and sweet potato crisps – 13,50 €

Chicken ragout
with macadamia nuts, bean sprouts, chilli and mange tout in an oriental sauce with curry rice – 14,50 €

Pancake with bacon
salad,  syrup and black bread – 9,50 € 

3 fried eggs
with fried potatoes and salad – 9,50 €

Cold sliced roast beef
with fried potatoes and home-made  tartar sauce – 14,50 €

Pot roasted veal
with carrot-apple vegetables and creamed  potatoes – 18,50 €

Fish fresh from the market Ask us about today’s choice

Spareribs from pork
with BBQ dressing, coleslaw und French fries – 12,50 €

Chicken – Burger
Breast of chicken with sliced mango and rocket leaves,  avocado dip, toasted nuts, marinated tomatoes, French fries – 12,50 € 

100 % beef in sesame roll,  salad, tomato,  gherkin, fried onions and  hamburger dressing,  fried egg and potato wedges – 12,50 

As cheeseburger –  + 2,00 €












3 small steaks,  beef, pork and chicken

with  fried egg and homemade herb butter,

salad and fried potatoes                                                                          19,50 €




with herb butter salad and  au gratin potatoes

optionally with scampi                                                                                             25,50 €


3 small steaks,  beef, pork and chicken with  fried egg and homemade herb butter, salad and fried potatoes – 19,50 € 

with herb butter salad and  au gratin potatoes optionally with scampi – 25,50 €

Rumpsteak  “Strindberg“
with onion-mustard topping, salad and rosemary potatoes – 21,50 € 

Filet of beef
in creamy pepper sauce mange tout, tomatoes and croquet potatoes – 26,50 €

Vanilla cream with chocolate chips and rum – 5,50 €

Homemade strudel
with seasonal fruit and vanilla sauce – 6,00 €

Vanilla ice cream
rolled in sliced almonds with rum marinated fruits and mint – 6,00 €

Walnut ice cream
coated in coconut with melon – 6,00 €

Pistachio  ice cream
with crumble on glazed grapes – 6,00 €

Selection of cheeses
with fig mustard and pumpernickel (black bread) – 7,50 €

Captain Maik
Homemade chicken sticks with dip  – 5,00 €

Mister Mirco
Frankfurter sausage with sweet potato crisps – 6,00 €

 Lady Isa
Pasta with tomato sauce and parmesan – 6,50 €

Miss Man
Fish fingers with spinach and mashed potato – 7,00 €

Queen Milli
Children’s schnitzel with salad and French fries – 7,50 €